Dudar is exclusive Pivot Point franchisee in Kazakhstan since 2004


Hairdressing School

In 2004, in order to further promote Schwarzkopf Professional and Indola (professional products for beauty salons) Dudar launched a special project - opening the first and only hairdressers’ training center in Kazakhstan working with world-famous Pivot Point methodology.

Training is provided by certified tutors with Schwarzkopf Professional products. Graduates of the basic course receive international diplomas that are accredited in 64 countries, where Pivot Point schools are located. The center provides training for masters in 2 areas: basic course designed for those who are willing to devote themselves to hairdressing, and refresher courses for experienced professionals who wish to improve their knowledge and skills in specific issues. In addition, the school regularly organizes various workshops and seminars taught by the school's teachers and invited guests from abroad.