Remington brand of Spectrum Brands, Germany

Dudar is exclusive distributor of Remington products in Kazakhstan since 2007

Hair care home appliances

Remington is a well-known global brand of personal care products for men and women. The company was founded in 1816. To date, Remington is one of the most experienced manufacturers of consumer goods in the world with a rich history of innovation.

Since 2003, the Remington is part of Spectrum Brands, an international corporation. Remington is a market leader in devices for shaving and hair cutting in the United States and hair care appliances market leader in the UK and also a brand №1 in all these segments in Australia. Remington is now actively winning the hearts of European audiences. In Europe, Remington is positioned as a prestigious brand that embodies reliability and quality.

Remington is a brand of beauty, style and grooming. This stylish, prestigious, legendary brand is always relevant and young. The distinctive characteristics of Remington products are functionality, quality, innovation and modern design. Values ​​that Remington offers its customers – personal style and independence.

We work in collaboration with professionals and experts in hair care products to develop high-quality, innovative, professional products to create the most fashionable hairstyles. All Remington devices for hair styling are coated for best performance and hair protection.