Dudar is exclusive distributor of Salamander products in Kazakhstan since 2000

Shoe care goods

Much has changed in the approach to the choice of footwear. Rule remains unchanged: to last longer, shoes require to be looked after.

Salamander is an expert in the care of leather goods of all kinds and brand №1 on the market of shoe care products in Kazakhstan and Russia.

Appearing in our market more than 25 years ago, Salamander actually created a culture of care of footwear and leather goods. In the minds of consumers Salamander is a synonym for traditional German quality and prestige.

The main mission of Salamander brand is to meet the diverse needs of customers, satisfying their needs and wants. Salamander not only means shoe care, prolonging life of footwear and providing comfort when walking, but also helps their customers to look perfect and successful. To achieve these goals in the manufacture of shoe care products and accessories Salamander uses the latest technology and cutting edge scientific achievements.

Current range of Salamander footwear cosmetics has over 170 items for footwear and clothing of all types of leather, textile and synthetic materials, and over 200 accessories, Salamander leather care items are offered in more than 70 colors and shades.