«Dudar» LLP is the exclusive distributor of «Synergetic» brand in Kazakhstan since 2022.


«Synergetic» - 100% eco-friendly products for the whole family.

«Synergetic» makes organic, hypoallergenic products based on the herbal ingredients so the customers can enjoy safety and cleanliness at the same time.

The company uses modern production technologies, environmentally friendly raw materials, European equipment and herbal ingredients from Germany.

All «Synergetic» brand products are biodegradable, effective, eco-friendly, safe and affordable.

«Synergetic» eco-friendly products are designed to keep the house clean, as well as care for the body without harm to health. «Synergetic» products are safe for children and do not contain potentially hazardous substances, are made only from natural ingredients and have international certificates of conformity.

The company was founded in 2011.