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We take pride in our integrated BI system, which encompasses all aspects of our business, from the client base to financial flows. The system enables us to analyze data in real time, which is key to making informed decisions and optimizing processes. Thanks to deep integration with our accounting systems, we can track and manage critical indicators such as expenses, staffing, and financial status. This not only enhances our operational efficiency but also improves the quality of service to our clients, making our offerings more personalized and valuable.

We have deployed a series of projects that help responsible managers stay informed about:

  • Sales — the most comprehensive analytics across all dimensions
  • Purchases and Warehouses — operational access to information on stock balances
  • Personnel — assessment of employee efficiency, staff turnover, and the number of vacancies
  • Finances — analysis of the company's expenses, profitability of each client, and supplier

Our chosen BI system is Qlik Sense, deployed in the cloud for optimal accessibility and performance.

Available to partners

We offer our supplier partners the opportunity to access our BI system for a nominal license fee. This will open doors to intuitive visual charts, simplifying sales analysis by cities, customers, and products, tracking promotions and discounts, monitoring stock levels in real time for your brands, evaluating the results of our distribution, and much more. This initiative is aimed at maintaining a high level of transparency in relationships and striving for mutual growth and development.