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Employing versatile modes of transport—from air and road to rail and sea—tailored to product characteristics. Persistently optimizing routes based on current contexts, prioritizing efficiency and cost reduction.

Import and customs clearance

Catering to imports into Kazakhstan from all origins, ensuring swift customs clearance concurrent with goods transit. Expedited readiness for sale eliminates the need for temporary customs warehousing, fast-tracking product availability.

Registration and certification

Comprehensive product certification management ensures all necessary imports and sales registrations in Kazakhstan. Proactive monitoring of certificate validity not only maintains compliance but also mitigates legal liabilities for our partners.


In-house translation services render crucial information into both Kazakh and Russian (as legally required), while we also manage product labelling at our warehouses.


Strategically situated across all regions of Kazakhstan, our 18 warehouses stand as pillars of our robust logistics network:

  • Warehouses tailored to meet the specific requirements of the products
  • Strict adherence to temperature regulations
  • Swift inter-warehouse goods transfer for optimal efficiency


We deliver comprehensive marketing support for our brands in Kazakhstan, including:

  • Creation and execution of diverse trade promotions and advertising campaigns, encompassing digital channels
  • Management of our suppliers' social media accounts to ensure consistent brand presence
  • Strict adherence to brand guidelines and budgetary constraints for effective brand management

New brand launches

Leveraging our extensive experience, we excel in launching new brands in Kazakhstan and guiding them to prominent market positions.


Thanks to the implemented Business Intelligence (BI) system, which is capable of generating deep analytics, we can make informed and effective management decisions. This tool allows us to quickly get all the necessary data to analyze and plan a sales strategy.


We ensure comprehensive distribution across all sales channels, including specialized ones tailored to brand needs. From open-market clients to major supermarkets, as well as unique customers like hardware stores, opticians, or electronics stores, we cater to all.

Our sales team leverages cutting-edge technological tools:

  • Automated acceptance of EDI orders from retail chains
  • Real-time sales management via a dedicated application
  • Full sales oversight across regions, enabled by coverage-plans and must-lists


Guaranteeing delivery across all cities and remote settlements, we pride ourselves on a swift service, delivering orders within 24 hours using our dedicated transport fleet.

Post-sales support

We provide warranty service for related products and provide reliable support for product-related issues.

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