Dudar – Avanta

Dudar is exclusive distributor of Avanta products in Kazakhstan since 2017


«Avanta» is a Russian manufacturer of high-quality cosmetic products available to all segments of the population. «Avanta" products are trusted not only in the CIS countries, but they are also widely distributed in many Western countries and the Baltic countries as well.

The company's production dates back to the distant 1943. And today «Avanta» is a modern production facility equipped with Italian, Swiss and German high-performance equipment. All production processes are controlled by the state standards R ISO 9000-2011 quality management system and the GMP standard (audited by TÜD SÜD Industrie Service GmbH, Germany). The company has its own research laboratory, which guarantees the production of the highest quality products.

«Avanta» trade line includes more than 10 proven brands of high-quality cosmetic products, including:

«EVO laboratoires» is a series of specialized, highly effective and safe products for restoring and maintaining healthy skin and hair.

«Moyo solnyshko» is hypoallergenic baby cosmetics that mothers trust in. All products are clinically tested and recommended by pediatricians for baby skin care from the child birth.

«Beloruchka» is a series of the hand creams for the youth.

«Nature Lab»® is a living source of beauty. These are cosmetic products based on one 100% natural component.

«Avanta» is a member of the Russian Perfume and Cosmetic Association (RPKA).

«Dudar» LLP is the exclusive distributor of «Avanta» products in Kazakhstan since 2017.