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Dry shampoo

Dudar has been the exclusive distributor of the Batiste brand in the Republic of Kazakhstan since 2018.

Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo

Batiste is the world's leading brand of dry shampoos, the best in its class and awarded many prizes for its properties and composition. Hailing from London, Batiste stands out from the crowd with its whimsical looks and trendy designs.

Today Batiste is the #1 dry shampoo in the world and sold in over 60 countries!

All Batiste products are easy and simple to use. Dry shampoo eliminates oily roots, giving dull and lifeless hair the necessary shine, without the use of water. Innovative absorbent particles in the composition of shampoos eliminate the effect of the oily sheen of the roots, help strengthen and restore hair. Quickly refreshes and increases the strength of the hair, gives the body of the hair texture and leaves a feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

Now in the arsenal of the Batiste brand there are more than 20 dry shampoos, which differ in color, aroma and their properties: some will put in order stale styling, others add noticeable volume and shine to hair.

Everyone will be able to choose a dry shampoo to their taste, from an extensive range of flavors.