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Home and body care products

Dudar has been the exclusive distributor of Tesori d’Oriente products in Kazakhstan since 2022

Home and body care products

Home and body care products

Pure harmony for skin and senses.

From the very beginning, the Tesori d'Oriente philosophy has been based on the concept of holistic well-being, derived from physical and psychological balance. Today "Tesori d'Oriente" presents a complete line of beauty rituals, recognized for their quality and unique fragrances that leave unique, sensual and enchanting notes on the skin.

Inspired by the spiritual wisdom and ancient traditions of Eastern culture, Tesori d’Oriente specialists have created an exclusive collection of care products:

  • for the body: perfumes, deodorants, shower oils, body creams, shower gels, liquid and solid soaps
  • behind the house: scented candles and diffusers, eau de parfum, fabric softeners

Tesori d'Oriente products are entirely made in Italy with constant attention to quality and excellence.