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Hair shampoo

Dudar has been the exclusive distributor of Wash&Go products in Kazakhstan since 2016

Hair shampoo

Hair shampoo

The first Wash&Go shampoo was introduced in 1987. Since then, the brand has firmly established itself among the leading hair care brands.

In the wide range of "Wash & Go" everyone will be able to choose their favorite shampoo for themselves and their families.

"Wash&Go" shampoos, thanks to the Volume Plus express formula, effectively clean and carefully care for, leaving the hair clean, smooth, shiny and well-groomed, giving volume and lightness to the hair.

Benefits of Wash&Go shampoos:

  • Pleasant aroma, developed by the world's leading perfume companies
  • Unique formula enriched with 95% of the best natural ingredients
  • Individual approach to each type of hair
  • 100% hair volume
  • 100% Italian production and quality