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Animal Shelters

At Dudar, we fervently believe in minimizing waste and contributing positively to our community. To enact these values, we've implemented a thoughtful initiative: donating our products that are nearing the end of their shelf life to animal shelters. This strategic partnership not only ensures that our goods are put to meaningful use but also provides essential supplies to shelters, aiding them in their commendable efforts to care for and protect vulnerable animals.

Our contributions, including Yarmarka, enable these organizations to allocate their resources more efficiently toward their core mission of ensuring health, safety, and love for every creature under their wing. Together, we're weaving a tapestry of community and care, ensuring sustainability meets benevolence in every possible way.


Youth Hairdressing Education Program

We're turning passion into proficiency with our one-year hairdressing program for children from shelters, based on the renowned Pivot Point education system. Participants immerse themselves in a curriculum that not only refines their hairdressing skills but also grooms their self-esteem and ambition. Upon completion, each graduate earns a U.S.-recognized diploma, carving out a pathway toward a brighter, self-sustained future.