Trade mark of "Dudar". "LILLAY" is dynamically developing in the personal care category since january 2021.


Brand "LILLAY" - Private label of “Dudar”.

This brand has been presented in the personal care category since January 2021. There are 6 types of wet wipes in the assortment: 72 baby wipes, 15 antibacterial wipes, 15pcs/60 universal dark/white wipes.

"LILLAY" wet wipes meets all the requirements of the customers:

In October 2021, we launched 4 types of soap and 3 types of cotton swabs, with the concept of "offering a quality product that will stand out on the market shelf among colorful competitors with its concise, stylish design."

What makes our soap unique? Soap that does not dry out the skin. Soap that does not harm nature.

Cotton buds. The cotton applicator is made of 100% cotton and securely fixed on a plastic stick. The elastic plastic stick provides maximum comfort with the Q-tip. Convenient functional packaging makes it easy to remove cotton swabs.

The brand name "LILLAY" has no translation, but is consonant with a lily. And the lily is associated with beauty, purity and freshness, which is important for wet wipes and cotton products. Also in the name "LILLAY" there are oriental notes, which should have a positive impact on the perception of Kazakh consumers.